Is Kitty O'Neill Bishop's wife?

Kitty O'Neill was born on 23 Aug 1888 in Texas, USA. She was an actress,

She died on 28 Apr 1969 in California, USA

Who did Kitty O'Neill marry?

American athlete and stunt performer.Married Hambleton,Texas (stunt performer)

Did Dudley fall in love with Julia?

The angel's name is Dudley (Denzel Washington), who dresses in gray,

Is Kitty the fastest woman alive yet?

A childhood illness left her deaf, by further illnesses in adulthood that curtailed Driven's career.

Who is Cal O'Neill's wife (Name ) ?

Nevali Paul is the wife of baseball legend Paul O'Neill.

What is Kitty O'Neill's top speed?

 She turned to off-road racing, 

 driving cars and motorcycles in events like the Mint 400 and the Baja 500.