John Wick: Chapter 4

a new dog that will play a very prominent role in the action sequel

But will this dog survive to the end?

The John Wick saga begins with the death of the title character's wife

After the death of his dog, Cold Blooded Kill sends John on a murderous rampage

Knowledge of the dog's death has kept some dog lovers from watching the original film

The new dog in John Wick: Chapter 4 is a Belgian Malinois

'The Tracker', also known as Mr. Nobody, is played by canine companion and Canadian actor Shamier Anderson

Five dogs played a role at different points in the film, Anderson explains

“I got to be with the dogs every day. Each one has a different personality, energy and skills

Although the animal is essentially an extension of The Tracker,

it hunts its prey and is almost constantly in danger

"We wanted the dog to fit seamlessly into the story, and not just do stunts and attacks.

The dog comes close to being killed in Chapter 4, but survives every close shave

especially in a dramatic scene where the title character even comes to his aid

He also brings humor to proceedings, cutting off a character's nuts in one scene before urinating on his own head. Good boy